2010 was the last time that Phil Collins played live, and also was the year for his so-called 'last effort' studio album.  In 2011 he officially announced his retirement on his website, saying, "I am stopping so I can be a full-time father to my two young sons."

In the grand scheme of life, three years is not that long of a time.   Do you ever notice how when people say, "I'm done,"  they never are?

Thomas Niedermueller/Getty
Thomas Niedermueller/Getty

Phil has been talking about returning to music after his brief hiatus.  In 2000, it became public knowledge that he was having difficulty with his hearing.   In 2009, he stated he could no longer bang on his drums because of an operation he had for a dislocated vertebrae. Somehow, his hands were not functioning properly, and obviously a drummer needs his hands.

Now, nearly four years after his, 'retirement,' Phil is entertaining getting back in to music, and possibly even trying to work towards future Genesis work.

Phil's son, Simon Collins told 'Smashing Interviews' that his father has been doing well as of late and is, "Starting to write again."  His children are supposed inspiration for this idea to return to the stage.

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