It could always be worse, right?   Hundreds in Canada were without power for four days with temperatures averaging 5 degrees Fahrenheit.  Bob Osemlack, a retired Air Force Mechanic lost power and put his problem solving skills to the test.   He took his Toyota Prius electric car and used it as a generator to power his furnace, lights, refrigerator and TV during the storm.  He used his car for nine hours and the battery only went down one bar, which is equal to a gallon of gas.   He told the Toronto Star, "When the furnace comes on, and the house gets up to temperature, I go to the thermostat and shut the furnace off," he said. "Now I can plug something else in: the TV, the fridge or the floor lamp." So he took turns powering things on.

Residents of Toronto right now are under a flash freeze warning.   They are being warned of slippery dangerous black ice. The City of Toronto issued an extreme cold weather alert Monday morning, urging homeless people to seek shelter. Temperatures are expected to fall throughout the day, dropping to -23C by nighttime. Of course that is not much different from our situation here, now is it.


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