If I ever win the lottery, you better believe I'd bring that ticket to my safe deposit box quick fast in a hurry.  The odds of winning the lottery are pretty steep, of course, but what are the odds that you'd LOSE a winning ticket?  That's what happened to Hakeem and Abiola Nosiru.  They're originally from Nigeria, but they've lived outside Toronto for the past 17 years, and they've been married for 29.

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Back in January, they hit the Canadian lottery for 50 MILLION BUCKS . . . which is about 46 million in American dollars.

And Hakeem was so worried about losing the ticket, he put it in an envelope . . . then duct taped it to his stomach.  Which was a brilliant move, that he followed with a NOT-so-brilliant move.

Because for some reason, he didn't trust himself.  So he took it off and gave it to his wife, who put it in her purse.  Then they went to church the next day.  But afterwards, she looked for it . . . and it was GONE.

They turned their house upside down and went through their trash, but didn't find it.  And eventually they had to face the fact that it was probably gone for good.

Luckily, Hakeem had already signed the ticket and filled in his address.  And two months after they lost it, someone from their church showed up and gave it back to them.  On April Fools' Day of all days.

They got their big novelty check on Monday.  They're planning to travel a lot, and also help their four kids and five grandkids.  (Toronto Sun)