It's not the most exciting Tuesday ever, so I was looking thru pictures I took a while ago, and you will LOVE these. They're pictures of what's upstairs from Grand Rounds on Broadway! You drive by it all the time, maybe you've had a few at Grand Rounds, but never explored the historic building. Well, I did!

CREDIT: James Rabe Collection
CREDIT: James Rabe Collection

Every photographer I know has a favorite subject. For some babies...for others mountains. Give me a well-used doorknob and some light and I'm a happy camper.  I once spent a drippy day in Duluth and photographed about 30 doorknobs. Don't believe me? Just look to your left. SEE?!

It used to be Sontes and before that Wongs. And before that? I have no idea, but the building is old! The kind of old you'd see in an old black and white movie, with those cool trap doors above the office doors, the eerie stairway, and awesome lettering on the glass.



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