Check your junk drawer, dresser or pants pockets.  You might be a millionaire and not even know it!  A new report says that last year over $2 billion in U.S. lottery winnings went unclaimed.

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Lottery officials say that most of the unclaimed winning tickets are worth only a couple of bucks, in that $2 to $4 range.  However there are several unclaimed $50 to $100 prizes and even a few worth thousands.  On occasion you’ll even hear about that rare million-dollar ticket that goes unclaimed.  As the popularity of the lottery grows, the annual unclaimed amount is sure to grow as well.

I once had a dream where I won a million bucks in the Powerball Jackpot and stashed my ticket in a drawer.  (I forgot to cash it in right away, you know you get busy with other things).  Well my dream turned into a nightmare when I later discovered that winning ticket only to find out that it had expired the day before.  I don’t ever want that silly dream to become reality, so I think I’ll spend some time this weekend digging through my stuff in search of old tickets.   Let’s just hope I’m not too late.