Here's a New Year's resolution I might be able to keep!  From Time

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A new study out of McMaster University in Ontario, Canada found you only need to work out hard for ONE MINUTE A DAY to be healthy.

The researchers had a group of overweight men and women stick to a daily workout plan where they'd warm up on an exercise bike for two minutes . . . pedal as hard as possible for just 20 seconds . . . then pedal slowly for two minutes.

Then they'd do it two more times:  20 seconds of hard pedaling, followed by two slow minutes.  Then a cool down period of pedaling extra slowly for three minutes.  It adds up to just ONE MINUTE of hard exercise in 10 minutes after warming up.

BUT . . . after six weeks, the people had improved their cardiovascular endurance by an average of 12%, their blood pressure was down, their muscle activity was higher, and a lot of them had better blood sugar levels.

The researchers say it's more proof that there are major benefits to interval training in exercise . . . that's short bursts of maximum effort followed by longer stretches of lower effort.

And even a little bit of interval training might be enough to keep you healthier.