What's the last thing that ticked you off? Irked you? Or made you say, "Well, that's just argh!" That's what Monday Moanin' is all about! You can call 292-1053 all Monday morning to give me your Monday Moanin' report! Listen to hear the Big Get Off My Butt Moan.

James Rabe - TSM
James Rabe - TSM

My Monday Moanin:

Dear plastic fork, spoon, and knife wrapped-in-plastic with salt, pepper, and napkin people. Stop doing this! It does not make any sense, it's ugly, and difficult to use this way!

Look at the picture (sorry it's not so great, hard to photograph all that white)...can you see what's wrong? RIGHT! The knife isn't going in the same direction as the fork and spoon! I have to open it from the top AND bottom, increasing the chance of getting filthy germs on the darn things.

The whole point of the plastic is to keep the germs off the utensils as long as possible.

Get it together makers-of-such-things. Your public needs you.

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