Do you hear what I hear? A chorus of nose-blowiers, all confused and concerned about Taylor Swift. And by "chorus" I mean me. I don't care if someone sees me blow my nose. DO you?  I don't mean I do it right in someone's face. I turn my head or face away from people, it'd be rude not to, right? Who wants to see my Kleenexcavation*?

What I mean you have your friends gather 'round and screen you from nose-blowing view (like you were changing out of a swimsuit on the beach)? Well, that's what Taylor Swift does.

You can check out the video and the pictures here at Gawker. What do they show? They show just what I described, Taylor Swift being surrounded by her entourage so she can blow her nose without cameras catching it. There was a video on the youtubes, but TS's lawyers got them to take it down. Gawker has it up, tho who knows how long it'll last.

The internet exploded with, "She was doing coke!" And so a painstaking frame by frame analysis was done. The results reveal she was indeed blowing her nose. A fact that does not surprise me at all. But here's the the end, one of her assistants crouches down, flicks on a flashlight, and checks for errant boogers.

I can just hear that assistant's call home..."Mom!  Dad!  You won't believe what I'm doing! Nope...don't even try! Right now I'm checking Taylor Swift's nose for boogers! Right!? How long have I been waiting for this day?"

Does it sound like your dream job? Well, start practicing.  

*I just made that word up. Kleenexcavation. Please use it sometime today!