I can't even imagine the heartbreak that this young boy has already seen in his six years of life. His dad died when he was just four and last month his mom died unexpectedly in her sleep. But young Jaden Hayes is tired of seeing everyone sad all the time and he had a plan to fix it.

He had his aunt (and now guardian) go out and buy a bunch of little toys. Then he took to the streets of Savannah, Georgia and handed them out to people. Why? To make them smile. Jaden looks for people who are not already smiling, gives them a toy and tries to turn their day around. Most of the time people do smile, thank him and give him a hug. But sometimes instead of a smile, he gets tears. Not sad tears but tears of gratefulness.

We should all be grateful for people like Jaden. In a world that sometimes feels too full of conflict, pain, anger and sadness, there's a six-year-old orphan who's lived through enough of that and only wants to help make people smile. And he's succeeding tremendously.