Just how long do you think it will be 'till this lil fella is a star? Wait, he already is, thanks to this viral video. 

An incredible crowd shot video of a child dancing during intermission during a concert a few months ago has surfaced and gone viral... with over 3 million views at posting... you can see why:

YouTube Comment From User Kirsten LeAnn
YouTube Comment From User Kirsten LeAnn

AWESOME!!!!!! I totally would've asked him for HIS autograph. Now how could the Rascal Flatts top that performance? Whoever was running the spotlight must've caught a glimpse of him in the stadium... they should track him down and put him on the payroll... to entertain while they go on break! How fun. I've seen some rather odd stuff at various concerts and performances, but never anything quite so awesome. Thank you Kirsten for sharing this video - it really made my day!

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