The 90s were Minnesota's decade, the North Stars were at the top of their game in 91, the Twins won the World Series that year, and there were these things you wore called ZUBAZ and they too were Minnesotan. Now flash-forward to today and the retro looks are coming back, as is ZUBAZ, but in a little bit of a twist, the zebra-style striped pant makers have teamed up with Back Channel Brewing to create a ZUBAZ beer. Check out the hype video!

That was glorious.

Tomorrow Back Channel is offering up what they posted online as "a Triple Release of Doom - featuring "Zubaz - New England Double IPA." This also isn't the first time the brewery along the 'waters' of Lake Minnetonka has gone with a retro Minnesota-based release.

Back in July, the brewery went 'inline' with a Rollerblade release party, which featured a nostalgically awesome logo clas beer named Bladerade.

If you aren't familiar with Back Channel Brewing, their website lists the business as "a destination brewery/taproom located on Lake Minnetonka, serving high-quality small-batch beers. We brew across the board, with a special emphasis on Lagers, IPAs, and Imperial Stouts."

These guys and gals also brought us 'Beerfoot' during the depths of the pandemic, which definitely put a smile on some peoples faces.

So if you are looking for something to do this weekend, as the weather forecast is calling for overcast skies and a chance of rain, maybe break out those ZUBAZ you still have in the closet and head up to Spring Park and give the new ZUBAZ beer collaboration a try.

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