Apparently, I've been breaking the law for the last few months.

Yesterday I read a Post Bulletin article which cited a state law that says bikes cannot be ridden on sidewalks in business districts - that would include downtown Rochester. The PB article went on to explain that the rule isn't enforced because there aren't any "no-biking on sidewalks" signs up in the downtown area.

Did you know this rule existed? I had no idea.

I love riding my bike to work in downtown Rochester. Most days I ride in on the sidewalks. I feel much safer on the sidewalks because I ride in at 5 a.m. when motorists are only half-awake. There are hardly any pedestrians at that hour so I think i'm OK but Rochester police could soon start writing tickets.

"No Biking on Sidewalk" signs could be going up by the end of summer.


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