How would you like it if your boss used a stopwatch to clock your bathroom breaks?

That's pretty much what's going on with the new bathroom break rules

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at WaterSaver Faucet Company in Chicago.  They felt like employees were taking too long on their bathroom breaks, so they made a new policy last month.

Their employees now have to swipe their employee card every time they go in and out of the bathroom.  And they only get 6 minutes of bathroom time a day.

Last month 19 of their employees got warnings for going over the allowed 60 minutes per 10 days and they were told if they go over their bathroom time limit again, it could be a suspension.

The Teamsters Union say it's an invasion of privacy and they've since filed a public complaint with the National Relations Board.

Here's the kicker:  Steve Kersten, WaterSaver's CEO, admits he doesn't have to swipe his card when he used HIS bathroom.