If you had your air conditioner cranked during that last heatwave, you've probably noticed a much higher bill. My last RPU bill was 60 bucks more than the previous one!

Want to save some serious cash?
RPU says you can save 3-5% on your cooling costs for each degree you increase the temperature during the summer. They say the ideal temperature to set your house at during the summer is 78°! A company rep was on TV a few weeks back and said the humidity is eliminated from inside your home at that temp and your living space is "comfortable".
78° did not sound very "comfortable" to me. So last week when the temps were in the low to mid-eighties, I decided to test out this theory for a couple days. 78° was actually better than I expected. It wasn't ideal, but if I were trying to save some cash, I could get by with the temp set at 78°- during the day. 78 degrees stinks when you're trying to sleep.
Setting the temperature at least 10°F higher than your normal setting in the summer is also advised.

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