What's going on?

This package is for you
This is night 3 where I have seen the same guy wave at me through my window after he runs up my long driveway (it's really long!) to my door with his arms full of packages and then runs back to his truck. I know this day has been long and he was in the cold all day. This was the least I could…
How I decreased my wait time to see a Doctor
Have you ever sat in a waiting room for hours wondering..."there has to be a better way to see a Doctor.". Well, there might be a way for you to avoid waiting rooms all together!
Paranoia at Century High School
Students at Century High School were in a bit of a panic Friday. The game "Paranoia" has started which means the kids are doing a lot of Google searching, planning new routes for classes and changing their social media profiles...all for a good cause.
Elf on the Shelf – stressful or exciting?
Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram have something in common right now...Elf on the Shelf. Does the Elf stress you out or is this an exciting adventure at your house?