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Free Backpack For Kids This Weekend!
It is that time of year again when we are looking for all the deals on glue sticks, notebooks, and pencils...the many, many pencils! If a backpack is on your "to buy" list this year, I've got the inside scoop on how to get one for free this weekend!
Is Rochester Construction Too Confusing For Google? (VIDEO)
We all know that the road construction in Rochester is a bit of a mess. Actually, the word "mess" might be an understatement. Because our town has many visitors each day due to Mayo Clinic, I started to wonder "Is Google Maps keeping up with all the downtown road construction in Roc…
Rochester Moms Share Tips On How To Help Your Kid on "Shot Day"
As I sat in the office with the kiddos being all nervous, I thought, "It would be so helpful if parents had some sort of how-to for days like this!". Moms all over Southeast Minnesota came to the rescue and shared a bunch of great tips for "shot day"!
Is This Dog Kennel In Southeast Minnesota The Best?
Our search to find an amazing and affordable dog kennel has led to great places in the area but we found a place that went above and beyond...and we are pretty sure this one is now our favorite!
Pie In Rochester Sold For $600...and you can taste it!
Rochester has some serious kitchen magicians in our midst and they are creating pies that sell for the hundreds...and I am just lucky enough to have a kid that has made one of those pies. ;) *Disclaimer - all kitchen magic came from his Grandma and not from this momma. It's all for a great c…
Does the Foot Detox Recipe on Pinterest Work or Is It Just Hype?
Pinterest Truth or Fail? I tried out the popular "Homemade Foot Detox" recipe to find out for myself. It's had over 115,000 shares on just one of the sites and I was watching several of my friends share this on their social media pages...so I figured, it was time to see if this was …
Biking Tips While Riding In And Around Rochester
The next few hours were spent in two ER's, lots of xrays, lots of Doctors and med students but there was one pretty constant question that continued to be asked to myself and my daughter, "Were you wearing a helmet?".
Rochester Mom Shares Tips On How To Win At Fortnite ;)
I have been watching Fortnite start to consume my kiddo so I thought, "How hard can it be to play this game?". He was making it look so easy and I thought for sure that if he could play - so could I. Maybe I would even win?!
Could This Be The Best Way To Calm A Mosquito Bite?
The mosquito likes to pick on one of my kids though and for some reason, the reaction that my kiddo has is just so much worse than everyone else. I found this solution and it seems to be working better than anything else that I've tried!
Is This The Largest Emoji in Minnesota?
We know all about the small emoji's that show up on our phones and we know that Minnesota has a popular emoji that we are all using, but where exactly is the largest emoji in nature? Well, I'm pretty sure I found it in Southeast Minnesota! Here are some directions so you can see it too!
The Animal That Freaks Out Minnesotans The Most Is...
Minnesota is home to a lot of interesting animals and sometimes, they surprise us at times when we aren't expecting them. Frogs jumping out, spiders that show up in the shower, bats that fly towards your face. When we get any of that on camera...even better. ;)
FREE Yoga Class at Rochester Park on July 28th
I found out about a FREE class in Rochester at a park and knew that I had to share the info with the world. If you've got any self-doubt going on about trying yoga...I've got an FAQ about Yoga below to help!