What's going on?

Do You Like Bacon, Beer, and Bikes?
Are you a fan of bacon? How about beer? Ok...now let's add in a bicycle and a little trail to go on with all of those things at every couple of miles? That right there is what we call a bacon ride and one is now coming to Minnesota!
Area Racetrack Seeing Some Pink On Saturday!
The engines are revving...and it is all for a great cause! Deer Creek Speedway is teaming up with Join the Journey for a fun night they call "Pink Out!" on Saturday, June 23rd. It's all for a great cause...supporting breast cancer survivors!
Money Found At Thursdays On First. Is It Yours?
Some honest people were enjoying the food and fun this week at Thursdays on First and came across some valuable items that belong to someone...and they are trying to find the owner! Help spread the word!!
Easy + Kid-Friendly = WINNER!
When it comes to meals, I'm always looking for something that is easy and kid-friendly. Some of my amazing co-workers started sharing this recipe on Facebook earlier this week and I could tell, this was one that I needed to try...and share with the world.
Local Boutique Looking For Person On Video (WATCH)
Danielle's Consignment Boutique posted a video on Facebook yesterday asked for help finding an individual that appears to be taking an item from behind a glass case. The item is very expensive and the owner is asking for help in finding the item.
Are You Needing Any Last Minute Teacher Gift Ideas?
The school year will be done and even with all of the advance warnings, I am in a rush to get last minute gifts for all of the teachers. I needed some ideas so I asked my friends on Facebook - including teachers - and found the most popular gift ideas (and a BIG no-no!).
Search Those "End-Of-School" Backpacks For These Items!
End of school is here and that means we will soon have backpacks coming home full of stuff. Check out this recycling program through Crayola that will take your old, used and even non-working markers and turn them into something good again!
Have You Felt These Feelings When You Were Called For Jury Duty?
Last week I got a letter in the mail. It wasn’t a bill. It wasn’t an ad with coupons for Hy-Vee. It wasn’t the reminder that I need to schedule my dentist appointment. It was the worst mail ever - a summons for jury duty. Because of that white envelope, I went through some s…
$3 Movies At Marcus Theaters Is Back This Summer!
The hot summer days are already here and it sounds like we are in for quite a warm one! If you are looking for a fun adventure indoors, out of the humidity, check out these great, family-friendly movies that are only $3!
Why Is That Person Taking Selfies With A Red Nose?
Why in the world is Jessica wearing a red nose? That’s probably what several people were wondering as I was taking selfies all around Rochester. It was all for a great cause though and I got some great pictures!