40-year-old Yu Xukang of China is our dad of the day.  Yu has a 12-year-old son named Qiang who's disabled and can't walk.  And ever since Qiang's mom mom ran off nine years ago, Yu has been raising him as a single father.

But they live in central China, where there aren't many schools that can handle kids with special needs.  And they also don't have public transportation.  So for the past six months, Yu has walked 18 miles a day to carry his son back and forth from school.

Every morning, he wakes up at five.  Then he carries him four-and-a-half miles to the school, walks back so he can work, and goes back at the end of the day to pick him up.

And Yu says it's all worth it, because his son is at the top of his class.  And someday, Yu dreams of sending Qiang to college.

But the story gets better, because a newspaper there recently did an article on it.  And now the local government is going to pay for an apartment that's much closer to the school.

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