While there have been new kid-friendly things popping up over the past few years, there are still many things we'd like to see in Rochester. We asked our Quick Country listeners what they'd like to see, and here are the top 9 they're wishing for. 

  • 1

    Indoor Trampoline Park

    This would be AWESOME! I have a college friend that frequents the cities Sky Zone Trampoline Park. He's always posting videos, and  it looks like a blast.

  • 2

    Go-Kart Tracks

    Skyline has an outdoor track, but I definitely think Rochester would benefit from an indoor track to enjoy during those long winter months.

    Sergey Ryzhov
  • 3

    Paintball Park

    Archery Addiction and laser tag at Bowlocity are the closest things we have to paintball.

    Getty Images for MGA Entertainme
  • 4

    Dave and Busters

    Fun for the kids during the day, fun for the adults at night... need I say more?

    Getty Images
  • 5

    Splash Pad

    Something super simple and fun we could add to all Rochester neighborhoods.

    Skip Bolen
  • 6

    Indoor & Outdoor Water Park

    We have nearby water parks, but nothing huge here in Rochester. I'm going to sound like a broken record, but an indoor water park would be amazing and busy ALL winter long, lets be real.

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  • 7

    Batting Cages

    Something I've been missing since a nasty snow storm destroyed what we had. I miss being able to pay quarters for a few cuts.

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  • 8

    Drive-In Theater

    I go up to the cities to check out the Drive-In a few times a year. People LOVE the movies on the plaza, and would probably love the drive-in too.

  • 9

    Roller Rink

    Another blast from the past. A fun activity that we could all enjoy!

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