During a tragedy, like the terrorist attack on Paris, we hear so much heavy news, but know that good things do happen. Sometimes it's miracles, sometimes it's people showing kindness at an enormously difficult time. 

This is the story of a miracle.

When a bomb near him exploded, he was on the phone...and it saved his life.  

And then there's the story of the restaurant worker that saved two women.

His name is Safer and he workds at the Casa Nostra cafe. He told his story to the BBC...

"I was at the counter. We heard explosions - really loud bangs. Everyone started screaming, glass rained down on us. It was awful. There was glass all over the place, hitting us in our faces. I saw two women out on the terrace had been hit. One in the wrist and in the other in the shoulder. They were bleeding really badly."

He knew he had to help, but where they were was filled with constant gunfire, so Safer waited for a moment when the firing had died down a bit, That's when he ran out to help the two women, picking them up and helping them to the restaurant's basement, trying to stop their bleeding (listening to the gunfire from above, everyone terrified).

The Amazing Quote

And finally, this amazing quote from a Facebook user Natasha McIntosh Westhoff...

We know your sunrise Paris - the one where the dust is settling, and you are trying to make sense of the senseless…

But we also know – it never lasts. Because no matter what hatred does in the dark of night… it didn’t stop the light… in the brightest city in the world… We know, you will only shine brighter.

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