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I am totally serious about this. If you know a 13-18 year-old that's very into social media, they could grab a ton of swag (including their own Selfie Spoon, 5 boxes of their favorite cereal, Y-105FM T-shirts for the whole family, and more) and hang out during the Early Morning Show!

This is a great chance to have fun, promote a fundraiser or something special their school is doing...a play, a game, whatever!

If they're selected, they can bring a friend (a parent or guardian is a must, too) and spend an hour in the studio taking posting selfies, videos, and the usual social media stuff, plus talking on the air as a real part of the show for that hour between 6 AM and 9 AM (if you win, we'll figure out a time that works). 

You know someone perfect for it? A real ham and they love social media, well, you can call in during the Y-105FM Early Morning Show (Monday thru Friday 6AM - 10AM 292-1053), drop a Facebook message here, or enter here.

Be the Y-105FM Selfie Kid!

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