There are a few things in life that I know I don't appreciate enough.  I'll never understand how my car works, or how the insides of a computer can help create things like this story.  My mind is not one of an engineer but I am so thankful for individuals who question how things work and try to create new solutions for problems.  Without your minds, we would still be putting potatoes in our pockets as we walked up hills both ways to school and work.


A few amazing individuals in our world with minds that loved to create new things just happened to live in Minnesota.  Because of their knowledge and curiosity, we have many inventions that came to be that help make our lives easier today.  One of those inventions, I'm thankful for, especially on these cold, Minnesota days.

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10 Everyday and Random Items That Were Invented in Minnesota

In my house, there are quite a few individuals that have engineer brains.  I am not one of them.  I'm glad that they are curious about how things work and how items could be put together or coded so it is more efficient or works better.  I have zero care in the world about any of that.  My brain is so far removed from the world of engineering that I can't even follow the instructions to put LEGOs together.  Those frustrate me so much, I just want to throw them across the room.  #NotJoking

Somewhere, back in time, a very smart person had the thought to create something new.  And thanks to that brain and individual in Minnesota, the following 10 items were invented to help make our lives just a little bit better.

10 Amazing Inventions from Minnesota

Thanks to some big brains, our world is a better place! According to MinnPost, these amazing inventions happened in the great state of Minnesota.

Gallery Credit: Jessica On The Radio

To all those with engineering and scientific minds, thank you for all the things you create!  I can't imagine life without cars, computers, medicine, running water, television, the internet, or the radio!  Keep creating and trying new things because that next invention might be coming from you.

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