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We Minnesotans are very passionate about some things. For example, ranch dressing, the Vikings, the state fair, and our hotdishes. If you disagree with us on something we love, get ready to have a very long conversation about why you're wrong. Hey, we like what we like!

Keep scrolling to see the 10 dangerous things to say to a Minnesotan and see if you agree with all of them. Or if you have any you want to add, we can chat on our free app (which you can download at the top of this post).

H/T: Only in Your State

10 Dangerous Things to Say to a Minnesotan

Minnesotans can be very passionate about certain things, like ranch, the Vikings, and the state fair. Here are 10 things that are dangerous to say to a Minnesotan. H/T: Only in Your State

11 Things That Happen In The Spring That Minnesotans Don't Like

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