Getting professional photos taken for your family or your high school senior can be costly and I know right now, times are tough for a lot of us.  If you've been looking do take a few photos on your own to help save some cash, I found some great spots around the Rochester area that would be perfect for your smiles.

I'll be the first to admit that I wasn't the best at getting my kids' pictures taken as they were growing up.  In all fairness, I had one child who screamed bloody murder anytime we would get in a car, which made life fun for the first 2 years of his life.  I tried to do the whole "1-year-old photos" and other milestones for my kids but that one, well, he screamed so much at Target Portrait that we were asked to leave.  #TrueStory

If you've got a kiddo that has a tough time saying "cheese" you are trying to pinch your pennies a bit, these spots around Rochester might be the perfect solution for your Do-It-Yourself photo shoot.

10 Great Places for DIY Photo Shoots

I'm sure I'm missing some great locations.  Let me know where your favorite spots are for some amazing selfies in town or where you've had your family or senior photos taken.  If you'd like to share your favorites with me, send me a message over on my Facebook page (Jessica On The Radio) or DM me on Instagram.

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