Hey! We don't blame him! Okay, maybe we kinda think this is weird. In case you missed it, last Tuesday was National Love Your Pet Day. To celebrate, we invited you to send us pet pics on Facebook! Yeah... I know... it was MY JOB to look at your pet pictures all day!!! DREAM ACHIEVED! SERIOUSLY!

My favorite photo was of Faye's dog Baxter. She explains, "Baxter loved the weather this past weekend, got wet & didn't wanna let me drive him off. He stole the towel!" Here he is taking no crap from anyone wanting to dry him off!

Faye Marie via Facebook
Faye Marie via Facebook

Baxter has ZERO TIME for someone telling him to avoid enjoying the last bit of winter!!! Who would want to steal from that face anyway?

He's a cutie! All of your pets are! Thank you so much for sending in your photos, and making us smile. We'll be doing this again soon! Maybe on National Dog Lover Day, or Cat Lover Day... or something...

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