People have been asking...where did James and Tracy go to Secret Agent School? Trust was a great school. A huge school. The best school! And, luckily, there's video to prove it.

Coming Tuesday, an actual and real behind-the-scenes look at James and Tracy in Secret Agent School!

But 'til then, know the hard work they did could be worth $1,000 to you! The Cash Codes will be announced twice every weekday. Once between 6 and Noon and once between Noon and 6.

"But I can't listen for 12 hours...I have to work!

No worries!  Listen at 7:50AM to hear the TWO times each weekday you  can grab the James and Tracy Code Words! to grab the cash! $1,000! Seriously, we want you to win, so you'll get the time to listen for the actual codes, then you enter that code here!

Super easy, super fun, and super secrety agent stuff!