My kids have a dream to create a haunted forest on our property.  I didn't crush their dream but with a little bit of searching, my kids and I found some really cute and easy Halloween decorating ideas that are helping create our house into the perfect Halloween stop.

Idea #1:  Bats...and more bats!

I've got a brown garage door so I am thinking that for my house, we would make white ghosts out of white garbage bags.  Check out the photo of the idea at this link.

Idea #2:  Hands Up In The Air

Some might say these hands are waving...others might say that they are reaching for help.  I've got a few windows in my garage and this would be great to have the kids trace their arms, cut out and then put on the inside of the door.  When the light is on...the hands illuminate!  Check out the photo of the idea here.

Idea #3:  Garage Monster

This is by far my favorite!  Your garage turns into a monster mouth.  The bottom lip is at the lower edge of the door.  The top of the lip is attached to the frame of the garage door.  As the door is opened, the mouth closes shut.  So cool...and kind of freaky.  Check out the photo of a mouth below or a video of it closing at this link.

Are you looking for pumpkin carving ideas?

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