James and Tracy spent minutes at Secret Agent school to learn how to find the codes that'd help you win cash! $1,000! Here's how to make it happen!

It was a grueling time...long hours of training. So much focus required, but no Adderall in sight. Fine for Tracy, not so good for me. I need help focusing.

But, all the training, all the work...it was worth it.  Tracy and I learned the ins and outs of being a secret agent. How to find the truth, how to reach deep within ourselves, to find the strength to keep on going...to find the codes.

The codes! They were all important! "Tracy and I MUST find the codes." That's what they kept telling us. And we did find the codes, but not before the giant Emu Men of Angryville attacked us. More on that in a bit (trust me, they beat us to a pulp)!

Oh, are you here to find a way to get $1,000? It's so simple.

Listen at 7:50AM to hear the TWO times each weekday you  can grab the James and Tracy Code Words! to grab the cash! $1,000!

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