She had been playing hide and seek, and found herself such an awesome hiding spot that even she couldn't get out.   Thankfully it sounds like things turned out ok and she was only left with bruises.  I remember one time a few years ago when I was working on the house, I think I may have been painting the stair rail, I got my arm stuck in between the spindles and I never thought I was gonna get free.  I was joking with everybody who tried to help me and kept saying, just chop off my arm.   Eventually my arm was free.   It was humorous after the danger was over.   Learn from this girl, don't climb into the washing machine.

This is not the first time somebody has gotten stuck in a washing machine.   A 3 year old girl in China did almost a year ago.  Not to mention the many that don't make the news.  There are actually several youtube videos of kids getting stuck.