There's a spot in Red Wing, like in most towns, where people can paint a tribute, a message, or a slogan. They can congratulate graduates, love on their team, or even profess their love. But Prince? That was too much for one Red Wing resident. 

I want to be clear, I'm not calling out the City of Red Wing. They have a procedure for what gets painted at Barns Bluff, and they follow it fairly. Someone painted a Prince tribute...then, it was painted over.


Here's the poop according to Fox 9.

Council administrator Kay Kuhlmann acknowledged art on the bluff is typically benign, and it is city policy to paint over it only when the city receives a complaint. Kuhlmann said someone called in, claiming to be offended by the Prince symbol, so when it stopped raining, city workers painted over it.

The city's going to hold a special meeting May 12th to talk about maybe setting up an official procedure, but until then, the current deal still stands. If someone complains, it gets painted over.

I just wonder who'd complain about Prince?

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