My kids are at that delicate teen age where ANY thing and EVERY thing I say or do is embarrassing. I don't think it would come to THIS, though.

According to my kids, I'm an embarrassing dad. Probably not as embarrassing as THIS dad. At least, I don't think so.

Baron Brooks
Photo Credit: Cour d'Alene Press

Baron Brooks is 48 and single. He lives in Salt Lake City. His dad, Albert, is 78. Dad must think it's time for Baron to move out of the basement and have grandkids. Albert took out an ad on his son in the Cour d'Alene Press, in Cour d'Alene, Idaho. Dad thought that would be the best place to find the right match for his son.

Baron was not only surprised by the ad, but kind of upset by it. But, it did catch some attention from the ladies, so, he's gonna let his dad do some screening, and go from there...