Friday the 13th is almost here. Are you prepared for it? I mean besides the usual things; avoiding black cats, not walking under ladders, and not eating spinach with a stranger. But...did you know Rochester has a very special set of superstitions? It's true. There are THIRTEEN of them, which means just reading this list could cause you bad luck!

1) Don't walk under any cats named Rochester.

2) If you see a ladder, pick it up, all the day you'll have bad luck.

3) Do NOT open an umbrella in the Mayo Clinic, specifically, in an up elevator between floor 12 and 14 between 1 and 2 PM (the 13th hour of the day!). You laugh, but people have done it, and they now exist only between those floors. The mythical 13th floor seems to hold all their spirits.

4) Do not say or spell West Circle Drive backward. It will slow traffic to a crawl. OH, wait...that's right, someone did it last Friday the 13th and we're still dealing with it.

5) Do not let Justin Bieber enter the city limits. If he stays more than 13 minutes Mayo will b inundated with patients claiming a sudden case of Bieber Fever, for which there is no cure.


6) Feel free to visit Skyline Raceway on Friday, but do NOT stand on the site of the former slide (see the orange arrow), and say, "I scream, you scream, we all scream for the Top 9 at 9!" Years ago I broadcast the Top 9 at 9 atop the slide and fell down the slide backward with no burlap sack under me. I was wearing shorts and my knees and elbows caught at every hot-burny opportunity. The screams I screamed can still be heard if you say those words and listen carefully.


7) Be careful to avoid ALL cracks on the sidewalks out front The Half Barrel. Step on a crack and your mom will be fine but inside the THB, the servers' trays will turn into melted cheese, pulled in from the past when Billoti's was in that space. That doesn't sound bad, I know...but trust me, the cheese didn't age well.

8) A partial solar eclipse is coming Friday, which hasn't happened in 40 years. Do NOT feed the Mogwai during the eclipse. Trust me. It will not turn out well and might ruin Christmas for a few years.

9) Do not count the kernels of corn on our Corn on the Cob Water Tower, or you will be the object of sCORN for 13 weeks.


10) Generally, it's wise to not rub the Mayo Brother's heads, do not put hats on them, and, especially, do NOT do bunny ears. Especially Will. He hates that. And on Friday the 13th, any of those will make them come to life (no chanting needed). That would be cool because it'd be fun to talk to 'em, but not cool because they're sick and tired of the bunny ears!

11) Do not say, "I'll meet you at the Plummer Building" and do not say, "The Plummer House is lovely," or you will have plumber butt for 13 weeks.

12) Do not chase the geese at Silver Lake. Friday the 13th is the one day that'll turn you into a slice of bread.

13) Friday night, if you're out back the Northstar Bar, do NOT light three cigarettes on one match/lighter. It's not just bad luck, it makes it stink for us non-smoking folks there to see the band!

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