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13 Things You Should NEVER Do When it is Below Zero in Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin

If you've ever had your nose hairs freeze while you are walking to your car, you understand Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin right now.  Mother Nature has released her wrath and is throwing negative temps our way and everything, including our nose hairs, our frozen.  When temps reach this level, not only is it dangerous but there are 13 things that you should NEVER do.

13 Things Minnesotans Should NOT Do When It is Below Zero

The temperatures in Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Illinois can get to dangerous levels and when you see those numbers dip below freezing, use this as a rule of thumb to keep you and your stuff safe.

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If you need help figuring out how to stay warm during this polar vortex, we've got a few great ideas.  Grab a blanket, sit by the fireplace, and click here to see what else you can do to keep those fingers and toes toasty warm. 

Where to find a yummy, delicious bowl of soup in Rochester, Minnesota

On days when we are frozen to the bone in Minnesota, warming up with a bowl of soup is a perfect idea.  If you are on the hunt and looking for the best, check out the list below of the most delicious bowl of soups in town.

Top Places in Rochester to Grab a Delicious Bowl of Soup

Brrr...it is starting to get really cold out and it is feeling like soup weather! Thanks to a bunch of suggestions, here are the top restaurants in town that make a great bowl to enjoy while warming up.

Want to order food in and stay out of the cold today in Rochester, Minnesota?

Have you heard of "ghost kitchens"?  It's not a secret anymore that Rochester has 5 of them hiding around town.  If you have no idea what they are or where they are, just look below to get up to speed.

Ghost Kitchens That Are No Longer a Secret in Rochester, Minnesota

If you are a fan and avid user of Door Dash, you are already in the know of the Ghost Kitchens that are helping feed all of us in Rochester, Minnesota. But, how many do we really have? Check the list below to find out and see what restaurants are doing the cooking behind the scenes.

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