Winter is one of my least favorite times in Minnesota.  I hate having my bones freeze as soon as I step outside or feeling like I'm going to fall on my butt as I try to shovel my driveway.  Winter is just NOT fun!  Unfortunately, we've got a big 'ol round of snow coming at us.

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Photo by Gary Ellis on Unsplash
Photo by Gary Ellis on Unsplash

I made a mental choice last night while I was sitting by my fireplace contemplating why I live in the Land of 10,000 Lakes and I came up with those choices:

  1. I can either sit here and cry about the snow that is on the way, or
  2. I can find a way to find some joy while my body is shivering.

I picked option #2.  I immediately acted like a millennial and hopped on TikTok while it is still legal and started my search to find something about winter that would make me laugh.  My bones might freeze in a few days but at least my face will freeze in the form of a smile.  The video below was PERFECT and it may cheer you up a tad too.

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Hilarious 'How to Prepare for Winter' Video Going Viral in Minnesota

One of my favorite guys on the internet is a dude named Charlie Berens.  If you haven't met him virtually, you are about to.  He is a Kwik Trip, beer-loving Wisconsin who takes real-life situations and makes laughter magically happen.  Today, he is helping us all laugh before that snow starts falling and covers up our flowers that are already popping up through the ground.

Popular Wisconsin Comedian, Charlie Berens, Gives Hilarious Tips on How To Prepare for Winter in the Upper Midwest

Before you head out on that last-minute run to the grocery store to buy all of the necessities to get through the storm, take a moment and check out the YouTube video that Charlie Berens made at a Fleet Farm.  #SoFunny

What store do you shop at the most for winter items?

Fleet Farm is about a 25-minute drive for our family so instead, we typically buy shovels and other home improvement items at the North Menards or at Home Depot.  They are just closer.  They don't have Charlie Berens shirts that's a bummer.

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