We had a huge issue at our house the other day.  I needed to get my kid to Kansas so he could be back in time for the first day of college at Wichita State University.  But...Iowa decided to throw a temper tantrum and launch a blizzard in my path at the exact time we were planning to head South from Minnesota. #NotNiceIowa

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Jessica Williams/TSM Rochester
Jessica Williams/TSM Rochester

As moms do, we try to find solutions to the problems that are in front of us...while we are working, packing lunches, managing kids' sports schedules, grocery shopping...and I was on a mission to figure out how to get my kid from Minnesota to Kansas in two days.  Driving was an option but only if Iowa and Mother Nature came to an understanding that the wind and blizzard situation was going to stop.  I was trying to be patient but knew that the weather may just continue to suck and so I started to check out prices for flights from Minneapolis to Wichita.

TSA Says Do Not Pack These19 Banned Items in Your Checked Bags

Next time you are thinking of hopping on a plane, make sure you don't put one of the items below that are banned from checked bags.

19 Items Absolutely Banned from Checked Bags at the Boise Airport

You may be familiar with what you can and cannot pack in your carry-on. But how familiar with items banned from your checked luggage? These are 19 of the more than 50 items that can't fly in your checked bag according to the TSA.

Gallery Credit: Michelle Heart

Got questions about what you can bring during a flight?  Check the Transportation Security Administration site at tsa.gov.

Pretty woman wearing winter outfit and sunglasses
HASLOO GettyStock

Do You Love or Hate Winters in Minnesota?

I grew up in Iowa and can tell you for a fact that Iowa winters are worse than what we normally get in Minnesota.  The Polar Vortex in 2020 was horrid but I survived the ice storm of Halloween in the 90's in Iowa where electricity was out at our house for over 2 weeks and there were live electrical wires in our backyard on the ground.  Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, was covered in ice.

There are some perks to winter but right now, as the temps have plummeted below zero, a bunch of Minnesotans have helped create a list of the things people hate the most.  If you are feeling a little bit of anger about this freezing season, you may like what you see below.

30 Things People in Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin Hate About Winter

When you think of the Midwestern states like Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin, some people immediately think that we are freezing all the time. That's not 100% true, just about 56% true. In fact, being cold and freezing is something that most of us don't really appreciate about the winter months. That's not the only thing that we despise though. Check out the rest and see how may you give a thumbs up to.

Gallery Credit: Jessica Williams

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