Going through TSA checkpoints at the airports are fun, right?!  We all get to take off our stinky shoes, open up our belongings and have them scanned and opened up if necessary, and sometimes, we get a pat-down. A pat-down that happened recently at the MSP airport was completely inappropriate and TSA has issued a statement.

On January 13th, Tara Houska shared on Twitter that she was at MSP and going through TSA when the agent said she needed to pat down her braids.  Tara is a Native woman and her hair is part of her spirit.  The TSA agent pulled those braids behind Tara's shoulders, laughed and said the words "giddyup".

According to bringmethenews.com,  Cliff Van Leuven, the TSA's Federal Security Director for Minnesota, has spoken with Tara and apologized for the actions and comment made by the officer.  "TSA holds its employees to the highest standards of professional conduct and any type of improper behavior is taken seriously,"

Tara did express that she doesn't wish for the officer to get in trouble but would like to have TSA use this "as a teaching moment about the Native American tribes and bands in Minnesota and the Midwest."

Personally, I haven't had the exact thing happen to me but specific looks, glances up and down my body from TSA agents along with facial expressions and sounds that most would deem as sexual harassment, yes, that has occurred.  I didn't post it on Twitter or other forms of social media at the time but it doesn't mean that it didn't happen and isn't happening to others.  Have you ever had a "teachable moment" happen to you at MSP or going through TSA?  Just send me a message on my Facebook page - Jessica on the Radio, or DM me on Instagram.

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