This picture makes my day:


I'm sure there will be plenty of folks who will be outraged (because so many of us are addicted to being outraged these days) by what this dad did on Friday night, but I'm in full support. I'd be willing to guess that Thomas was told if he didn't get his grades up by Friday night, he wasn't going to go to the Cavalier's game. Kudos to this dad for following through on his promise.

My mom used to tell me that to be a good parent, you must be willing to follow through on ANY or/and EVERY threat you make. Seems that is exactly what Thomas's dad is up to. (Also, here is a bonus parenting tip for you from my mom: don't threaten anything you aren't going to follow through on. Especially threats made when YOU are the angry one!)

Is Thomas's dad going too far by adding some shaming to the mix? Maybe. Next to being addicted to outrage, shaming is America's favorite pastime. It would've been an equally effective sign without using Thomas's name.

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