It's almost time to stop writing 2021 on our checks and flip the calendar to the brand new year.  I know a few people in my friend circle were looking for a New Year's Eve party to celebrate the start of 2022 so I did a little digging for them and found 3 places in Rochester, Minnesota that are celebrating with a big 'ol party on December 31st.  I thought you might want to know about these too just in case you wanted to go out and celebrate the brand new year.

Three Places in Rochester, Minnesota Where You Can Ring In The New Year on December 31st, 2021

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#1 - New Years' Eve Masquerade Party at Crave - Aventi DJ Willy C will be bringing the music to help you celebrate the night.  Presale tickets are $10, $15 at the door.  VIP tables are available and you'll celebrate at midnight with champagne.  Learn more at their Facebook event here.

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#2 - New Year's Eve Concert at Forager - If you are looking for some live music, Forager will be featuring My Grandma's Cardigan, Thomas and The Shakes, and Hair of the Dog on the 31st.  No cover charge and you can learn more on their Facebook event page here. 

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#3 - New Years' Eve Karaoke Celebration at Charlie's Eatery & Pub - the singing starts at 7 pm and lasts all night until 12:30 am.  Learn more on their Facebook page here.

How do you celebrate the start of a new year?

Do you have a fun tradition to help celebrate the start of the new year?  Big party at your house or do you have a fun movie night and just try to stay up until midnight?  I'd love to hear what you typically do - let me know by sending me a note over on my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio.

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