If you need a laugh today, you came to the right spot on the internet.  A hilarious video was posted on social media of a Great Dane puppy in Kasson, Minnesota who has learned a very valuable (and wet!) skill.

He can now get himself an ice cube from the automatic dispenser on the refrigerator and it was all caught on video!

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If you haven't had a chance to meet Minnesota Moose yet, he is one of the fastest-growing puppies in Southeast Minnesota that loves carrots, meeting new friends, and having his skin flap in the wind as his head sticks through the sunroof.

He's also one of the only dogs to ever be heard on Quick Country 96.5! I haven't received confirmation on this but I hear that contract negotiations have started so Moose will be a permanent co-host with Curt St. John and Samm Adams.  

The latest trick Minnesota Moose has learned, all on his own, will have you LOL!

What amazing trick does your dog know?

I'd love to hear about more pets in Minnesota.  If you've got an Instagram page for yours too or just want to share a fun trick they have learned, send it my way on my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio - or Instagram page.

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Jessica Williams/Canva
Jessica Williams/Canva
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