A sign that summer is just around the corner popped up on Facebook.  And this is a bit of good news that will make you smile from ear to ear!

Foodies, Get Ready!  Opening Date Just Announced For Amazing Shop in Southeast Minnesota

Every summer, our family has a tradition to hop in the car and head to one of the best pie shops in the Land of 10,000 Lakes.  This is a unique spot because you can't just go enjoy pie any time of the year.  This place knows it is special and that is why it is only open for a short time each year.  Ok, maybe not the real reason it is only open during the summer, but if it doesn't know it is special, it should.

Thankfully, our taste buds don't have to wait much longer because this amazing pie shop just revealed the opening day for 2024.

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One of Minnesota's Best Pie Shops, Aroma Pie Shoppe, Opening in May

Aroma Pie Shoppe, located at 618 Main Street in Whalan, Minnesota, is a place you must put on your summer bucket list.  It is located right next to the Root River Trail and is an easy bike ride from Lanesboro.  You can drive there too but you will see way more bikes out front than cars.


Get excited because opening day is coming up very soon!

Opening for the season

May 18th

Saturday 10-5

Sunday 10-4

- Aroma Pie Shoppe Facebook Page

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