You get to the carousel and the bags are just coming out. You end up sitting around waiting forever for your bag to make that slow appearance. Finally, you see it, but it takes three days for it to finally slide down the chute and make its way to you. Regular people put up with it, but why should you? Wouldn't it be great to walk up, take the first bag that comes off and go? Well, here are two ways to do it!

1) Ask the counter attendants to hand you a fragile sticker for your suitcase. According to the New York Post, that means it'll get put on the plane last. Last in, first out, you know?

ii) Don't rush to check in. Tthe closer you are to the end of the loading process, the more likely you are to get your bag earlier.

3) This one involves some risk because it doesn't always work. BUT, many times I've only had a slightly large carry-on. I generally buy the discount tickets, so by the time I get to board, the overhead bins are full, so they "gate check it" for free. When you get off the plane, your bag is there waiting for you on the jet bridge (or right on the tarmac).

Off you go to check in at the hotel before there's a line, and fast asleep before some people have even received their bag. Nighty-night smart person. You rule!

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