Way back in the day I used to do commercials for Face the Music, a music store with a ton of gaming supplies. I loved doing the Magic the Gathering commercials because I could use mystical music and make 'em sound huge. But, I'll be honest, I always thought the card game was for kids.

Turns out I'm wrong...adults to play it. And This Eyota mom says it is time for her boyfriend to STOP!

My name is "Lea" and need your advice. I'm a 38-year-old mom in Eyota and I love "Brent", a guy I've been seeing for about three years. He's a good guy, loves my kids, treats me well and we're beginning to talk marriage. Only problem is he won't stop playing Magic the Gathering. I know you know what that is James because you used to do commercials for it on KROC during the Top 9 at 9. Yeah, you're old. LOL!

Anyway, I think its embarrassing he's 32 and playing this game and paying to play...like he buys cards of "decks" or whatever they are. Every Monday he goes to a Magic the Gathering Tournament.  A silly kids game card tournament. YOU'RE AN ADULT! You shouldn't be shopping in the toy aisle at Target.

I finally talked to him about it because we wanna buy a house together and I won't have that stupid game in my house. We fought and finally he goes, "I'll quit if you tell me to quit."

Well, I couldn't do it. I couldn't say the dumb words and now I'm wondering if I'm out of line asking him to grow up. Or maybe I'm wasting my time with a guy that won't give up his toys! Arrrgh. What should I do? Thanks James.


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