Just think of all the trick-or-treaters and how happy they’ll be this year!

The National Retail Federation just released its annual report on Halloween, and this year, Americans are going to spend $9.1 BILLION – an all-time record!

95% of that is on candy... So why not save a little money if you can?

Here are the top four reasons you need to be buying your Halloween candy immediately:

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    Candy Costs SPIKE During Halloween

    Seems like a no brainer, but people still get upset about it. In fact, Halloween candy prices have been going up the past few years. One way to beat the system is to watch retailers prices throughout the month. You’ll notice various candies going on sale at different times so take advantage of this, and go early!  The best deals and selection are during the first 2 weeks of October – which is RIGHT NOW.

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    Buy the Cheapest in Bulk

    Ever wonder why Tootsie Rolls, Dum Dums and SweeTarts are always found in your kids’ candy bag? Because they’re some of the cheapest types of candy you can buy! Unless you’re handing out full-sized Butterfinger bars, nobodies going to remember what you handed out next year — so don’t be afraid to hand out the cheap stuff. Bonus: You can keep any of your favorites for yourself if you don’t hand them all out.

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    Watch for 'BOGO' Deals

    Most stores will have “buy one, get one free” deals throughout the month. Plus you can also find manufacturer coupons. A lot of times, stores will honor these on top of the original sale!

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    Get Creative!

    Gotta baker in the house? Then this is perfect for them.  Popcorn balls, baked treats – both make a great alternative to your typical pricey candy. In fact sugar cookies are among the cheapest things you can make. Plus it’ll help clean out your already packed cupboards of any ingredients you might use for anything else you’ll bake.

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