Last week I shared my favorite Instagram accounts to follow. Today, I have four mostly Instagram posts you have to see. From garbage can boats to vacuum commercials, you'll love these!

1) I found this on Twitter. It's a garbage can pretending to be a boat. Why do I like it? Because it's a garbage can. Pretending to be a boat. 

2) Collider posts a lot of cool pictures, but for some reason, torn-up-Fourth-street really resonated with me. Maybe it's the Townsquare Media - Rochester building there with the old time radio mural. And our new tower. In this building, you'll find Y-105FM, 106.9 KROC, KROC-AM, Quick Country, The Doc, and Z-Rock.

3) The whole bike borrowing deal is great, but it's the picture fo the bikes and the entrance I like. Beautiful composition. Also, I'm trying to imagine the height of the person on the second bike in the row.

4) I so identify with this meme. Thank you rochmnmomsblog!

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