I've said it before, I'll say it again...I LOVE BREAKFAST! This weekend The Breakfast Tour stopped in Lanesboro for the cutest diner meal!

Lookit all the seats!

Cute breakfast? Yes! Lookit that diner car...the only wooden diner wagon still on it's own wheels in the USA! And inside? It's small, but it's mighty!

At Spud Boy's diner there's one guy behind the grill (Gordie) and one gal behind the counter, Val. Together they're quite a team, working in and around each other in very close quarters (it can't be more than 20 inches between the grill and the counter).

The place is filled with history, and working history. The ancient coffee grinder, the ice-box, the wheels, for cryin' out loud. It was built in 1926, and came from New York after Gordie refurbished it.

He makes the hash-browns fresh each time.

How's the food? Good!  I had eggs, hash-browns (fresh grated right onto the grill!), and killer bacon. My friend Betsy had an omelet, the taters, and bacon. Plus nice strong coffee. All were exactly like they were supposed to be. Good, hot, fresh tasting, and ready pretty darn fast.

Val is from Iowa ('round Decorah way) and Gordie used to farm potatoes with his pop, and then worked the railroad in Pennsylvania.

They only serve breakfast, so get there early! Or get there just before they close, when Gordie and Val have a second to breath and talk. They're fun!

OH, and if you can, get a seat near the air-conditioner and fan. It's a small place, so it can get pretty warm. But that's part of the charm...and now you know, you can dress in layers for breakfasts (then for the bike ride on the trail).