Every now and then I'm walking along and an old song hits me and won't get out of my head. That's what these songs are...songs I used to play, loved to play, but no one asks for 'em anymore, so they just sit around waiting...waiting for someone to love on it and bring it back. If there's a song you miss hearing, drop me a line here and maybe it'll end up on a future list.

Here's the list, in no particcular order because...c'mon. You know how tough that is.

  • YEAH

    When I hear this song, I think about hosting the show with Cori Jensen, our amazing intern Sarah Sintern, and Cori and I staring in admiration Sarah danced around the studio and sang...

    And forget about game, I'ma spit the truth (what?)
    I won't stop till I get 'em in their birthday suit (yeah!)
    So gimme the rhythm and it'll be off with their clothes
    Then bend over to the front and touch your toes

    I'd throw in the Li'l Jon parts. I'm pretty good at WHAT? and YEAH!

  • RED LIGHT SPECIAL - Adult Version

    When I worked nights on KROC, the Friday night requests for this song were especially...urgent. Because it's that kind of song. There's no rush here, but you can't slow it down if you don't get it started, right?


    Most of us hadn't heard of Ricky Martin when his first English language CD came out in 1999. Then came the Grammy's, and suddenly men and women everywhere were drooling and dancing to his music. And yeah, whenever it was on, we played it so loud, the other studios would complain. But they learned, it was better to join in the dance!

    ps - If Ricky Martin hadn't broken thru, some music "experts" say, Enrique Iglesias, Marc Anthony, and Shakira would not have hit, either.




    This is the second video they produced for the song. The first had SBH in a wedding dress, writhing on a bed, and MTV thought it was too "erotic." Really? Love this song...lots of slow, but lots of energy. Super fun to talk over and to say "Damn,"


    Blackstreet did not want to do this song. They did NOT like it...but then it saved America by knocking Macarena off the top spot after 14-weeks at #1! Even if it wasn't a slick jam, and it is a slick jam, we should love this song because it took Macarena out!

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