This past weekend, my family came into town for a short visit. My dad and youngest brother wanted to check out the Mall of America, so after picking them up from the airport, and we made a pitstop at one of the main attractions in Minnesota.

We got to the mall as it opened, so we didn't have to deal with crowds. My brother and I had a few shops that we wanted to hit up. We started off getting him sunglasses and I need to get some stuff at the Carhartt store. I bet you can guess what a bought!  According to, there are 520 shops and 50 restaurants in the Mall of America. We didn't even come close to hitting all of the shops or eat at all the restaurants, but we did go into quite a few. I challenge you to try and hit half of those in a day. Just kidding... that's not possible!

Below are five things we checked out at the Mall of America that I highly recommend you do.

Paisley's adventure at the Mall of America!

1. Eat at Wahlburgers

My mom is a huge, huge, huge... did I say huge? fan of the Wahlbergs! So... when we were planning our trip to the mall, she said we had to eat at their restaurant there! PS "I'm mom's favorite!" ;) If you're a fan, you'll get the reference! My dad and I have the same taste in food, so we got the same thing. It was a bacon cheeseburger inside a grilled cheese. #TheBestThingIHaveEverEaten! My brother got a salad and my mom got a mushroom cheeseburger. Everything was amazing. Our next stop was dessert!

Paisley and her family eating at Wahlburgers in the Mall of America

2. Get Some Goodies at Carlo's Bake Shop

We got an assortment of goodies that we then took home for later! :) Let's just say the Canoli's and lobster tails didn't last long once we got back to my place.

Outside of Carlo's Bakeshop in the Mall of America

My dad and I love love love food! This picture was taken at my house after our adventure, but let's just say we enjoyed every moment! My mom says I eat like my dad and act like her. I'm not sure if that's a compliment or an insult!

Paisley and her dad enjoying some goodies from Carlo's Bakeshop.

3. Play Mini-Golf at Moose Mountain

Not many malls have mini-golf inside them! The Moose Mountain Adventure mini-golf course was super fun! With my family, everything is a competition! It made me realize how much I miss being within an hour of them. Guess who won? Not me! My younger brother that golfed his whole life.

Mini Golf at Mall of America

4. Visit the LEGO store

My family loves Lego. Growing up we would creat soccer fields, build cars and see where our imaginations would take us. While my brother and dad were trying to find their next project at the LEGO store, mom and I took pictures by some of the LEGO figures. The one in the picture was six feet tall. Nuts... right?

Paisley at the LEGO Store in Mall of America

5. Ride the Rides at Nickelodeon Universe

Lastly, we took a gander around the Nickelodeon Universe. I'm not much of a rides person, but it was awsome to see all the different rides, and with 28 of them, I'm sure you'll find something for the whole family to enjoy. Overall it was a really fun day.

The Nickelodeon Universe at the Mall of America

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