Two big bits of good news have happened today.

  1. I finally have power back at my house The storm that ripped through the midwest and caused horrific devastation in Iowa on Tuesday also gave our area a taste of its power.  Our house was without power for a few hours and I know when I wake up, trees will be laying in my yard because I heard them falling in the dark a little bit ago.  Thanks to the power being back on, I can finally spill the news on this next bit of good news...
  2. UPDATE!!!  A popular store just North of Rochester, Minnesota announced that big changes were coming soon.  I knew that they would be moving soon but that future plan wasn't announced yet.  Well, the big news has been announced and we now the future plans for the adorable boutique known as Sistique Boutique.

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Popular Boutique for Women in Minnesota Just Announced Big Change For Store

Sistique Boutique, my spot for amazing Judy Blue Jeans, has won the hearts of women in the area in several different locations.  First, we got to know the boutique as it pulled up in a big bus.  Then, it was at a location in Rochester near the RAC, and at the moment, it is currently set up just off of Hwy 52 in Oronoco, Minnesota (Get Directions to Sistique Boutique here.)

A few weeks ago, it was shared on the Sistique Boutique Facebook page that another move was in the works.

Business Update‼️ As you know, the current building Sistique is in is up for rent. I think it’s safe to say that we are all feeling the pinch of the economy in some way, and we had to make a decision to renew our lease or not… it didn’t feel like the right move in our hearts to renew.

Last Day To Shop at Oronoco, Minnesota Location Announced

The lease for the Oronoco, Minnesota location was not renewed but in the statement shared with fans, that did NOT mean that they were going out of business.

With that being said, we are NOT going out of business. That’s exactly why we aren’t renewing our lease…so Sistique can continue to thrive. Making these changes and pivoting with the times is exactly what will keep us going for years to come, if that’s what we choose to do. The last day that we will be open at our current location is June 8‼️

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Sistique Boutique Just Announced It Is Rolling Into A New Adventure

At 6:00 am on Monday, May 20th, Sistique Boutique embarked on an adventure for the next leg of its journey...and drove to Iowa.  I love how they documented the entire day for fans and threw it into a Reel over on Facebook.  If you missed the latest announcement and what the next leg of their journey is, enjoy their post below:

We are giddy about our new RV and are sooo excited to take you along our journey of going mobile again very soon!!

While we love having a physical store, and plan to one day have that again, now is not the time. Maybe that will be 6 months from now…maybe a year or two. We don’t know! But what we do know is that we missed being mobile and cannot wait to hit the road again! 😍😍😍

Adding: customs and graphics will still continue as normal! 😍

When I hear that the RV is ready for shopping, I'll get that update on my Facebook page ASAP.  Give it a follow so you get the latest updates.  You can find it here - Jessica On The Radio.

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