Business is booming for a favorite, local boutique in Rochester, Minnesota and because of it, changes are happening.  New address labels are being created for Sistique Boutique and this time, they won't be sporting a Rochester zip code.

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The trio of women at Sistique Boutique have announced their store is moving out of Rochester, Minnesota.

I'm super proud of the women over at Sistique Boutique.  Not only have they developed a boutique with some of the cutest clothes, shoes, and accessories, but they are thriving.  With growth comes change, and a big one was just announced for this shop:

After a lot of pros and cons, a lot of "what ifs", a lot of "are we capables", a lot of prayers and waiting for the stars to align, this big opportunity that had been placed on our hearts is now coming full circle!
Sistique has been an ever evolving business. We are always communicating with each other about how to do better and how to grow from where we are in the present. The size of our current space had been weighing on our hearts and watching this journey unfold once this discussion was had is incredible. From one basement, to three houses, to a bus, to our Rochester location, to external warehouses; ORONOCO here we come!
While some people may not understand the decision to leave Rochester, others will realize how close we still are, how much more room we have to grow and how much closer we are to our own homes, opening up countless possibilities.
That being said we have less than 10 days to flip this entire thing around--and within those ten days there are birthdays, vacations, baseball games, and life happening.
May you allow us grace, understanding, and support during this exciting transition. We cannot wait for our grand opening in our new location (date to be determined)
With love,
April, Megan, & Sarah - Sistique Boutique Facebook Page

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Sistique Boutique isn't the only clothing shop making a move in Rochester, Minnesota.

Just in case you missed the big news last week, Wear Local just opened their new store on Broadway in Rochester.  This store is all about local and not only has amazing clothes to wear but they also give back to area schools, nonprofits, and businesses. It's a pretty amazing concept and their clothing my kids would say...sic.  Get a glimpse at what they are all about here.

Do you know of another store opening up in Southeast Minnesota?

Let me know!  I'd love to get a sneak peek and help spread the word about the opening.  If you ever hear of local news happening, send me a message over on my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio.

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