I was out shopping the other day, getting a last-minute birthday gift for one of my kids.  He is usually always with me so it is tough to shop for him. Moms, you know what I'm talking about. I wasn't expecting that trip to be anything special for me but it turned out to be a shopping trip I will never forget...all because of 5 little words.

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To the cashier that made me cry in Rochester, Minnesota...

I am a mom who seems to be wearing about 1,000 hats on her head right now.  I know that a lot of moms are feeling that load too. That mom guilt that you hear about, or maybe even have felt, it was at an all-time high for me that day.

I had 15 minutes to grab that gift, so I ran into Christos Bookcenter in Rochester, Minnesota.  I chatted with the person working there for a bit, let her know what I was looking for and what my kiddo would enjoy, which is baseball.  He absolutely loves baseball! He's had a tough couple of years and some struggles recently with people not being very nice to him at school.  So, I was thinking, a book that talks about the struggles famous baseball players have had and how they overcame those would be perfect.

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I'm not sure if the person working at the store could see how tired my eyes were or the frustration on my face from some experiences that day, but I am sure I was a mess.  But I didn't really realize all the emotions I was feeling until she said these five words,

"You are a good mom."

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I walked out with my bag in my hand and those words that were said to me played over and over in my head.  "You are a good mom"  For some reason, those were hard to hear at that moment because I really wasn't feeling like I was.  I've got a pile of #momfails and at that second, the fails seemed to be my focus.

Kids threw a fit in the Target aisle. - Meal for supper burned. - Late to dropping the kid off again. -  Drive-thru is once again the gourmet meal for the night because grocery shopping isn't done. - Kiddo is struggling with reading/math/science class and I have no idea how to help them. - Bullying is a real thing and is happening to your kid.

I'm not even sure if I was in my car before I started crying, but the tears just started pouring out of my tired eyes.

You are a good mom.

Whatever you are going through today, challenges or #momfails that you might think you have, please know that you are a good mom too.  I may not be able to say this to you in person but hopefully, these words will reach you at just the right moment, like they did for me.

👉Oh...and if you know another mom out there...send this to them too.  More moms need to know that they "are a good mom" too.

And to Erika at Christos...thank you.


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