My journey to "Dadhood" started a few years ago, with a simple status post.

It was December 2010 when I posted on Facebook, "I want to be a Dad in 2011." Today I got to celebrate my fifth Father's Day with my wife, Cathy, and my three kids, Justin, Ethan and Bella.

If you're not familiar with our story, Cathy and I had been trying to start a family for years. She was diagnosed with cancer. She's been cancer free since 2004. We'd been trying since then to adopt. We were about to give up, when I posted my New Year's Resolution Facebook status. We heard back from a friend, "There's this boy..."

We spent the first week of January 2011 with Justin.

Justin from the Bergchives

He came home to us in September.


Ethan from the Bergchives

Ethan came home to us December 7th, 2012.

Bella from the Bergchives.

Bella has been home with us just a little over two years, since May 30th, 2014.

Now, for my Fifth Father's Day, here's what they made me:

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    Justin is a HUGE fan of Smallville. We watch that show together over and over. There's even a Batman in there, because Batman! So, I'm SuperDad. And maybe a little bit of either the Dad from Fairly Oddparents or Jimmy Neutron, I'm not sure which. I don't smoke a pipe of have hair quite like that...

    Justin from the Bergchives
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    Ethan created a completely new super-hero just for me. He has no idea what his code-name, true identity, or powers are - but he is totally awesome! Just like Dad is!

    Ethan from the Bergchives
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    Bella went a completely different direction...Kinda cool.

    Bells from the Bergchives