Father's Day is right around the corner. Show dad just how much you love him with a unique, funny, clever, useful gift. Here's your guide to the ultimate Father's Day gift.

The gag gift that may just be the most useful piece of equipment he's ever owned.

For the dad that sweats a lot... I won't tell ;)

Because you can't go wrong with a fancy whiskey-drinking set.

Help him polish up some of those dad jokes ;)

For the strong dads that workout a lot or have a strenuos job.

For the dad that knows it all!

For the health-consious dad.

For the dad that loves to play games.

For the dad that always looks nice.

A must-have for the hiker/biker/camper in your life.

For the dad that has a deep love for his car. Maybe with this stellar kit, he'll wash your car too ;) Win/win

For the the angler and/or jokester in your life.

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